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Obtained the US FDA and CE patent technology certification, the vacuum "two-way drainage" technology thoroughly purifies the aging keratin, absorbs blackheads from the source, removes excess oil, removes dead skin dirt, unclogs pores, opens the skin's water ducts, and promotes skin absorption. At the same time, it injects high-concentration essence for the muscle bottom cells, promotes the self-generation of collagen, relieves and repairs the skin, awakens the skin's vitality, improves the skin's ability to absorb nutrients, and restores the skin's elasticity.


Resolve Clogging of Pores, Blackheads, Peeling, Moisturizing, Collagen Growth


Using cell membrane piercing technology, the high-efficiency living cell essence for various skin problems can be directly penetrated into the underlying cells of the skin in a painless and non-invasive way. The regeneration ability of damaged cells, repair facial skin, the effect is obvious.


Cell membrane piercing (also known as electroporation) technology is based on current-induced protein movement in the cell membrane, forming transient micropores on the cell membrane bilipid layer, enhancing the permeability of the cell membrane, normal ions, hydrophilic molecules, DNA, proteins, etc. A biophysical process by which molecules that cannot pass through the cell membrane can enter and leave the cell. Directly introduce protein molecules and other nutrients into cells, activate the transmission factor of the cell membrane, greatly improve the activity of biocatalytic enzymes, and the ability of essence to enter cells, and enhance the effect of treatment. This technology has higher penetration and coverage.


Hydrates, improves dull skin and reduces fine lines/wrinkles
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  • Blackhead
  • Remove dirt
  • Clear pore
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  • Inject protein and other nutrients to skin cells

Fotona Starwalker

It is a new generation of laser models launched by Fotona, the world's oldest medical laser equipment manufacturer. Due to the improvement of the shortcomings of the current picoseconds and the exclusive patented technology, it can solve more skin problems, but it will not cause damage to the surrounding skin. The skin that causes heat damage, has also become a new darling in the market. Repel melanin spots, acne marks, etc., can achieve satisfactory results under the dual action of photothermal effect and optical shock wave effect. The reason why the star walker laser is called a revolutionary model beyond the traditional picosecond is that it has the following exclusive features:


• Intelligent regulation: The patented ASP intelligent technology can automatically adjust the pulse time and wavelength, and adjust the treatment method according to different skin problems.


• Unique Wavelength: With 532/1064 wavelengths, it can treat different levels of skin problems.


• Dual effects: The unique dual effects of photoacoustic + photothermal can achieve multiple effects at the same time.



Efficiently repel melanin, rejuvenate skin and remove fine hair, soften melasma, acne marks and other blemishes

Candela V Beam

V-Beam uses a wavelength of 595nm. The pulsed dye laser can absorb light and heat on the subcutaneous blood vessels without damaging the surrounding skin tissue, thereby destroying the blood vessel walls, effectively inhibiting and reducing various red blood vessel problems such as vasodilation. The laser is supported by the patented Dynamic Cooling Device cryoprotection for a more comfortable procedure.


Improve hypertrophic scars, microvascular appearance, vascular moles, red birthmarks, port-wine stains, redness, swelling, acne, acne marks, skin rejuvenation, rosacea

Candela Gentle Max Pro 1064

The treatment uses a single wavelength, 1064NM laser skin rejuvenation can gently heat the dermis layer, targeting the skin water molecules, so as to achieve a skin rejuvenation effect.


Rejuvenates skin, reduces fine lines, tightens skin, reduces pores, and promotes collagen regeneration and restructuring.

BTL Exilis Ultra 360

The world's only FDA-approved ultrasound combined with monopolar radio frequency technology, the energy penetrates into every inch of the skin, directly to the bottom of the muscle, stimulates the regeneration of collagen, enhances the contour of the V face, improves the double chin, reduces neck lines, remodels the collagen, and tightens the skin. Reverse muscle’s age.


Improve skin laxity, smooth fine lines, plump apple muscles, lighten nasolabial lines, tighten eye bags, improve dark circles, and enhance V-face contours.

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