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BTL Emsculpt


Gain Muscle, Lose Fat, Lose Fat
The patented HIFEM™ technology makes the muscles contract at 20,000 high-frequency within 30 minutes, focusing on positioning the muscle groups, simultaneously lifting the muscles to reduce fat, and easily tightening the lines. BTL EMSCULPT, using the revolutionary patented technology of HIFEM™ "High Energy Focusing Magnetic Field", body sculpting to reduce fat, non-invasive treatment, and 100% extreme muscle training. Through the electrode built-in over 100 gaps, it is a breakthrough to penetrate the dual energy into the muscle and the fat layer at the same time. In 30 minutes, the muscle can be contracted at a higher frequency to achieve the effect of muscle growth. At the same time, the fat cells are naturally apoptosis and the thickness of the fat layer is reduced. Increase muscle by 16%, reduce fat by 19%, and make your body ready at any time.



Cooltech Define

Patented low-temperature technology to eliminate stubborn fat, a number of international patents, effective positioning to eliminate waist, arm and thigh fat. Cooltech define is an industry-leading innovative non-invasive fat-reducing treatment. It uses freezing to sculpt your body and uses the unique precise cooling -10°C technology to cool fat cells to apoptosis, thereby reducing the number of fat cells by 34%. Eliminate excess body fat and achieve weight loss. No surgery and minimal recovery period.


Non invasive treatment, reduce fat cells, no surgical operation or anesthesia

BTL Exilis Ultra 360


The world's only US (FDA) and EU (CE) dual-certified ultrasonic fusion monopolar radio frequency medical aesthetic treatment uses the latest British fourth-generation medical version of the Exilis Ultra 360 instrument to deeply eliminate cellulite and position and shape the body. Promote blood circulation in the body. Safe and effective with the freezing cooling system to ensure comfortable and painless treatment.
Perfectly shape and reduce fat, tightening skin, and target difficult to treated areas, such as underarm, back, and inner legs.


CELLUCARE is an absorbable implant that can be injected into the fat layer:
• Reduces cellulite
• Increases microcirculation and drainage
• Reduces fat accumulation
• Reduces subcutaneous fat



Worried about pain and bruising when targeting specific areas of fat? The Cellucare fat reduction treatment can help! It safely reduces the volume of fat, changing your perception of fat reduction and weight loss. This revolutionary treatment is manufactured by REVITACARE, a well-known French brand that is innovative, advanced, and reasonably priced. CELLUCARE is a Class III medical essence (CE 0499) that is disposable and sterile. It is mainly composed of three major ingredients: hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and micronutrients. It effectively improves the shape of the contours, reduces the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, and eliminates cellulite.



Stretchcare is a one-time sterile medical serum manufactured by Revitacare, which effectively restores firmness and reduces stretch marks / atrophy Marks. Unique formula hyaluronic acid, DAME, micronutrients, calcium pantothenate.



• Firm skin
• Improve skin elasticity
• Antioxidant and free radical protection
• Reduce Stretch Marks / Atrophy Marks

BTL Exilis Ultra 360
Reshaping the intimate area

To reshape the private parts, BTL Exilis Ultra 360 uses the world's only ultrasound combined with monopolar radio frequency technology to stimulate the proliferation of collagen and elastin, tighten the inner and outer genitals, and restore youthfulness and firmness.


Powerful firming of inner and outer genitals, safe and reliable, non-invasive, no recovery period, painless and comfortable.

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