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Thermage FLX

Stimulates collagen production, enhances facial contours, reduces wrinkles, refines skin texture and improves sagging skin

1 course of treatment lasts for 1 year, the new generation of Thermage FLX intelligent skin tightening treatment uses patented monopolar radio frequency technology to safely heat the deep skin, stimulate collagen, achieve immediate tightening effect, and promote the gradual proliferation of collagen to continuously shape the three-dimensional contour . Thermage 3D Loop Firming Treatment is suitable for the eye, face and even individual parts of the body to help smoothen wrinkles and reshape contours without surgery or injections. The next-generation Thermage FLX adds on ground-breaking AccuREP technology, which fine-tunes and optimizes the RF energy delivered in each session to better match your skin's energy output. The new generation of smart probe 4.0 can save up to 25% of the treatment time; at the same time, it has been improved to an omnidirectional vibration mode to improve the comfort of the treatment. All in all, the new generation of Thermage FLX treatment can bring you a faster, more accurate and more comfortable experience.




Non-invasive treatment comparable to facelift surgery, extreme lifting effect, strong skin tightening, V-face lifting, easy remodelling of youthful contours, the only non-invasive lifting treatment for neck and face approved by the US FDA, activates collagen regeneration and enhances contours , 1 course of treatment for 1 year. The ULTHERAPY Firming and Lifting Treatment uses high-energy focused ultrasound to tighten the SMAS fascia layer without surgery. It can effectively achieve a firming and lifting effect similar to traditional facelifts, and is not limited to skin color. The treatment can instantly restore daily social life. . Ultherapy's high-energy focused ultrasound can bring dual effects to the skin. The first is the immediate contraction of skin collagen and SMAS, and the skin tightening effect can be seen immediately after the treatment; the second is the long-term reorganization of collagen after the tissue is heated. , making the skin firmer and more radiant.


Stimulates collagen production, enhances facial contours, improves skin sagging


Fotona Er:YAG

Stimulates collagen production, enhances facial contours, and achieves a dual lifting effect from both the inside of the mouth and the surface of the face through dual heating methods. The skin is tightened from both the inside and outside, resulting in a comprehensive lifting effect.

Provides dual action on both the skin and inside the mouth, ensuring maximum comfort and safety. This revolutionary Er:YAG treatment stimulates collagen contraction, resulting in a comprehensive improvement in skin tightness and elasticity, even reducing the appearance of stretch marks.


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